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Noxious Weed Notice

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to all persons who own, occupy, or control land in the Village of Francis Creek, Manitowoc County, State of Wisconsin, to destroy all NOXIOUS WEEDS on such property before the plant blossoms. After that time, the Village of Francis Creek shall cut all noxious weeds found on any property within the Village.

The cost of such work is $100.00 per hour and is a minimum charge of $100.00 which will be charged to the property owner. If village is not paid for this service, it will be added to the property tax bill as a special assessment with an addition $25.00 to be put on the tax bill. To avoid this extra cost we ask for your cooperation in this matter. As this is a State Statue and the Village of Francis Creek must comply.

NOXIOUS WEEDS ARE: any thistle, chicory, burdock, poison ivy, sumac, milkweed, field dodder, wild mustard, Indian mustard, quack grass, marijuana, goats beard, ragweed, oxeye daisy, goldenrod, and any grasses, lawns or other grasses over 8 inches in height.

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