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Charter Cable
Cable television and high speed internet provider 800-581-0081

Local telephone provider 800-909-3012

SBC Ameritech
Local telephone provider 800-924-1000

Village of Francis Creek
-----Pla-Mor park has three baseball diamonds (two luminated), a soccer field, two luminated tennis courts, volleyball courts, luminated horseshoe pits, playground equipment with a pavillion and two concession stands. Pla-Mor park may be rented for special events and parties. Contact the Village Office for more information.

Sanitary Sewer
-----For Business and residential customers


Refuse and Recycling Drop Off Center
-----Located one mile west of the village on Stone Road-The center is open on Saturdays starting at 7:30 AM until 1:30 PM.  The center offers to residents many different waste facilities.  There is glass (brown, green and clear), plastics (#1 & #2), tin cans aluminum, newspapers, cardboard, there is a facility for scrap metal, building products, drain oil and regular garbage.  There are on-site managers if you are unsure of what is accepted please stop and ask.  There are summer hours also available starting the first Wednesday after Memorial Day included with the Saturday hours, the Wednesday hours are from 1:00PM until 5:00 PM, this extra day is no longer available after Labor Day .


Recycling Center Drop-Off Fee's 
Car Tire-$3.00; Truck Tire(17”-20”) -$5.00;Semi Tire-$10.00;Tractor Tire-$20.00;Chair-$5.00;Couch/Recliner-$10.00    Box Spring (Single or Twin)- $5.00;Box Spring (Queen or King) $10.00;Mattress (Single or Twin)-$5.00;Matteress (Queen or King) - $10.00;


Garbage Sticker-$2.00 Each; 30 Gallon Trash Bag 1- Sticker; 30-55 Gallon Trash Bag 2-Stickers 




ALL PLASTICS, ALUMINUM, CARDBOARD, GLASS, TIN, STEEL AND OIL WHICH ARE BEING ACCEPTED NOW, WILL CONTINUE TO BE ACCEPTED FREE OF CHARGE. (Please remember to remove all caps from bottles and breakdown any cardboard products)


Link to Manitowoc County Recycling Center

Waste Haulers:


Advance Disposal                                           Onyx Waste Services
Phone (920) 983-3341                                     Phone 800-279-1930


Pozorski Hauling
Phone (920) 682-3544


Brush/Grass Clippings & Christmas Trees:


Manitowoc County Recycling Center 3000 Basswood Road (920)683-4333 Iron Metal Aluminum Recycling


Sadoff Iron & Metal 1600 South 26th Street (920)684-3388 Electical and Natural Gas:


Wisconsin Public Service
Residential 800-450-7260
Business 877-444-0888



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