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Get a Free State ID Card

No birth certificate?  No problem!  Click here for current information

If you already hold an unexpired Wisconsin driver license or identification (ID) card, you have what you need to vote. A Wisconsin driver license or ID card is acceptable photo ID for voting. If you do not have documents proving your U.S. citizenship, name and date of birth, you may use this process to obtain an ID card free for voting purposes, if you are applying for your first ID card.

If you are applying for a free ID card for the first time for voting purposes and your documents to prove U.S. citizenship, name and date of birth, or legal name change are unavailable, you may use this process.

​Eligibility requirements:

  1. ID Card applicants must be U.S. citizens, at least 18 years of age by the next election and indicate that the ID card is requested free of charge for the purposes of voting; and
  2. ID Card applicants must claim that documents required to prove U.S. Citizenship, name and date of birth and/or legal name change are unavailable and require a fee to a government agency to obtain.

​You can use this process to obtain an ID:

The information provided on MV3012 is used to communicate with state and federal partners to verify unavailable documentation. Once verification is received, the ID card will be processed and mailed to your address. If we cannot verify the information within five (5) working days, DMV will issue an identification card receipt (valid for the purposes of voting).

The majority of petition applications are verified within five (5) days, but completion time may be longer depending upon the responsiveness of the entities being contacted for verification. If you have questions regarding this process or your status, please feel free to contact the Wisconsin DMV at (608) 266-1069.

If verification is not received, DMV will contact you regarding what additional information may be required to complete an alternate method of verification to obtain a Wisconsin Identification Card.

DMV does not have information regarding voter eligibility, poll locations, voter registration information or other election information. Please contact your local election officials or county clerk for election information. The Wisconsin Elections Commission is another useful source of information.

Questions? Contact: Wisconsin DMV email service
Call: 920-682-7410

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